Easy, Fast, Secure, and Discreet Short Term Loans in Canada

Zillidy is a finance company providing a new way to access short term cash quickly by using the assets that you already own. Our goal is to provide all Canadians access to short term loans and to meet their cash flow needs without impacting their credit by leveraging their jewelry, gold, diamonds, watches, and precious metals.

Zillidy is a personal asset lender that acts like your own personal private banker. We enable you to tap the equity that exists in your personal assets, stuff that you love dearly and don’t want to lose, so that you can get a short term loan whenever you need it by using the same asset over and over again. Zillidy is like having a home equity line of credit on your personal assets – but with some major benefits. A Zillidy loan will never impact your credit score and Zillidy will never show up on your credit report.

We have a background in asset based lending to small and medium sized companies in Canada and the US. Through that experience, we have identified an opportunity to offer the same service, rates and value that we provide to business owners to everyone in Canada. We believe that access to capital shouldn’t be limited to the “big guys” who have lots of assets to use as collateral. Anyone with a single personal asset should be able to unlock the value of that asset to meet their cash flow needs without any fear of hurting their credit.

Our service is unique. Although we hold your asset for you in our secure facility throughout the loan period, we are not an online pawn shop. We are more like a private bank. We only earn our revenue through charging interest on our loans. There are no other fees or charges on a Zillidy loan. This means that our incentive is to loan the most money we possibly can on any asset. 

In the unlikely scenario where you choose to default (which will never impact your credit score or be reported to any credit bureau), we will manage the sale process of the asset on your behalf. Once we have recovered the amount that is owed to us, we will remit back to you the remainder of the recovered amount. Although the reality of the loan business is that there will inevitably be defaults, we are not in the business of liquidating assets. We work tirelessly with our clients to meet their needs to avoid this, but in case a default does need to occur, our clients rest assured knowing that they will always get full value for their asset with Zillidy.


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How Zillidy Works

Zillidy will appraise your jewelry, watches, gold, diamonds or precious metals quickly, arrange for fully insured free shipping, store your asset in our fully insured, secure facility and deposit your cash directly into your bank account. All over the internet. Simple. Safe. Secure. Discreet. Transparent. Quick. Flexible.

Loans are for flexible time periods and you can always repay at any time with no penalty. Loans can also be extended with no fees.

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Don’t want to repay your loan? No problem.

We know that sometimes absence doesn’t actually make the heart grow fonder. That’s why if you ever decide that you don’t want to pay back your loan, no problem.  You’re always welcome back for a new loan and are guaranteed to always be treated as a valued client. No harm done. We will never report you to a collections company or credit agency and it will never impact your credit rating or your ability to borrow again. No one will ever know!